Innovative experiences in healthcare

Innovative experiences in healthcare
No 65, 2021/2 - 302 pages

The field of health has to face multiple challenges: increasing number of chronic diseases, aging of the population, necessary development of prevention and health promotion, increasing social and territorial inequalities in healthcare, technological revolutions... Innovative responses are diverse: technological, managerial and organizational innovations, new models of governance and the renewal of stakeholders. The purpose of the thematic section of Innovations, Revue d’économie et de management de l’innovation is to question the capacity to innovate through a conceptual and methodological renewal to sustainably transform the field of health. This issue is approached from three angles: by questioning new forms of organization that aim to decompartmentalize the health system, by looking at design thinking as a methodological approach and, finally, by considering the ways of supporting the participation of all in innovation processes.



Pages 293 to 298