Organizational intermediaries and innovation in healthcare: Modalities of network brokerage

By Valérie Mérindol, David W. Versailles, Alexandra Le Chaffotec

This article analyzes modalities of network brokerage provided by organizational intermediaries (OIs) to support ecosystems in healthcare and cope with open innovation challenges. The qualitative method compares how 8 French cases of OIs develop different modalities of network brokerage. We have a threefold contribution. First, we identify the different functions contributing to network brokerage, and their complementarities within healthcare-related ecosystems. Second, we identify the variety of competenc(i)es required to facilitate these activities and the necessity to build complementarities between OIs to cover all required intervention modalities in network brokerage. Last, the article points out the role of the physical space as a major managerial tool for OIs to support and facilitate the interactions.
JEL Codes: I18, O31, O32.

  • Open Innovation
  • Brokerage
  • Communities
  • Territorial Ecosystems
  • Physical Spaces
  • Healthcare
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