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No 70, 2023/1 - 294 pages
Learning and intermediation in transitions towards sustainable agri-food systems
Innovation as an entrepreneurial skill for students in agricultural management: Relevance and difficulties
Digital Tools and Farmers’ Learning Processes in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Study of Eleven Digital Agricultural Advisory Services in Burkina Faso
Responsible governance of innovation and sustainability: The case of digital agriculture
Democratic spaces and local governance: How to collectively organize changes in the food system?
Knowledge intermediation: Moving from a state of knowing to a state of doing in agroecological transitions


Value chain sociotechnical interactions and functions of mission-oriented innovation systems: An analysis based on sustainability challenges for agricultural value chains


Motivations and difficulties of eco-entrepreneurs in Algeria: The role of public support systems
Business model innovation by regulated professional services firms: The case of “full online” chartered accounting


Frédéric Goulet, Patrick Caron, Bernard Hubert, Pierre-Benoit Joly (2022), Sciences, techniques et agricultures : gouverner pour transformer, Paris, Presse des Mines, 319 pages.
Helen Gordon (2022), Le temps profond de la Terre. Sur les traces du passé et du futur de notre planète, Lausanne, Quanto, 360 pages.
Nicolas Minvielle, Olivier Wathelet, Martin Lauquin, Pauline Audinet (2022), Making Tomorrow. Un manuel pour apprivoiser le futur avec l’aide du design fiction, Paris, Hold Up Editions, 169 pages.
Nathalie Lallemand-Stempak, Philippe Eynaud (eds.) (2022), Vers une autre gestion, Petits manuels de la grande transition, Paris, Les Liens Qui Libèrent, 160 pages.