The revenge of the commons

Science and creativity
The revenge of the commons
No 63, 2020/3 - 228 pages

The question of the commons, which are (non-)rival and non-exclusive collective goods, is today a cross-cutting issue in all social sciences, particularly in economics and management. More particularly, in the case of the scientific commons (knowledge produced with the aim of being disseminated to the scientific community and to society as a whole), the specificities of scientific knowledge must be taken into account in the study of the challenges of “open science” and “citizen science”. At the crossroads of the issues of scientific commons, creativity and innovation, the idea of “innovation commons” calls for a renewed reflection on the institutions regulating scientific commons and their link with public and private research and innovation policies. The authors of this issue of Innovations, Revue d’économie et de management de l’innovation highlight the importance of commons in an economy under stress and discuss issues relating to contracts, intellectual property and the governance of these valuable commons.




Pages 219 to 225