Effectuation and innovation in resource constrained contexts: A literature review

By Marleine Semaan

This work aims to identify to which type(s) of resource-constrained innovation, the theory of effectuation is linked and what are the issues for which these two literatures are used jointly. In order to recognize these links, we carried out a systematic literature review based on a bibliometric analysis (co-citation of references) and a semantic analysis (co-citation of words). The results of these analyzes carried out on 55 documents and using the textual and bibliometric analysis platform, CORTEXT Manager, show that effectuation theory is strongly related to bricolage through various themes related to entrepreneurship such as entrepreneurial education, internationalization, discovery and creation of opportunities and social entrepreneurship.
JEL Codes: M13, O14, O31

  • Effectuation
  • Resource-Constrained Innovations
  • Bricolage
  • Entrepreneurship
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