Motivations and difficulties of eco-entrepreneurs in Algeria: The role of public support systems


Today, we are witnessing the emergence of green entrepreneurship. Developing countries are no exception. In this context, our article seeks to understand the motivations and difficulties encountered by entrepreneurs in the field of the environment, but also how the public authorities support eco-entrepreneurs. Based on a case study of Algeria, we show that environmental values guide entrepreneurs in their desire to create a company in this field, even though they are confronted with multiple regulatory and administrative obstacles and a lack of technical/technological knowledge on the part of project advisors. Moreover, the inadequacy of public support mechanisms for the creation of green businesses - particularly financial - constitutes a brake on the development of green entrepreneurship in Algeria.
JEL Codes: L26, O30, Q57

  • Green Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation
  • Support Systems
  • Financing
  • Algeria.
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