Crowdfunding and energy transition: Empirical analysis of crowdfunding platforms for renewable energy projects in France

By Valérie Lesgards, Salvatore Stelitano

This article aims to better understand the reality of citizen crowdfunding in France, in terms of contribution to the energy transition and in terms of citizen engagement in renewable energy projects. The methodology used is a quantitative exploratory statistical analysis of open source data collected on 9 crowdfunding platforms. The results show that by 2030, crowdfunding could contribute up to 33 % of the national objective of 216 TWh of renewable energy production set by law. This estimate is based on the continuation of the current model in which the citizen invests an average of €2643 per project, and finances an average of 14 % of the total cost of the project. These results are compared with those of the literature and some recommendations are also made to strengthen crowdfunding for the energy transition.
JEL Codes: O30, G23

  • Crowdfunding
  • Renewable Energies
  • Participatory Financing
  • Platforms
  • Energy Transition
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