Forms of organizational social innovation of solidarity venture capital funds in France

By Pascale Château Terrisse, Emmanuelle Dubocage

Solidarity finance in France was born out of a desire for social innovation (Servet et al., 1999; Glémain, 2008). However, the various ways in which solidarity finance organisations implement social innovation, by combining the social and financial dimensions in their practices, are still unknown (Gray et al., 2015; Agrawal, Hockerts, 2019). This work aims at analyzing organizational forms of social innovation in solidarity venture capital funds in France. We will use in this paper the conceptual framework of the social business model in order to issue a taxonomy of solidarity venture capital funds according to their degree of social innovation. Based on a thematic analysis on qualitative data, we propose two types of business model, a disruptive BM and an incremental BM.
JEL Code: G24

  • Organizational Social Innovation
  • Solidarity Venture Capital
  • Business Model
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