Large-scale telework deployment: An exploratory study of ongoing social regulations

By Stéphane Bellini, Damien De Carvalho

The development of telework during the spring 2020 sanitary confinement has challenged established knowledge on the subject because of its suddenness, its scale and its unpreparedness, affecting the usual modes of coordination and control. On this occasion, we sought to better understand how regulations operated in the implementation of telework (Reynaud, 1997). During the confinement of March 2020, semi-structured interviews conducted in nine organizations allowed us to propose, on an exploratory basis, a typology of regulation processes. Secondly, we extended our investigations and highlighted the role of remote work tools in the regulations at work. They are "mediating artefacts" of regulation (Clergeau, Pihel, 2010), serving as a support for power relations while at the same time being vectors for the formatting of social relations.
JEL Code: M15

  • Organizational Innovation
  • Telework
  • Regulation
  • Telework tools
  • Artifact
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