Transformative social innovation and first wave Covid-19 management: What lessons for crisis and post-pandemic management?


Faced with the difficulties of the public authorities in meeting, on their own, the numerous health and socio-economic challenges caused by the Covid-19 crisis, exceptional mobilizations in terms of responsiveness, cooperation and resources have multiplied at different levels. In order to design a possible model for crisis and post-pandemic management, this paper proposes to employ the criteria of transformative social innovation (SI) in non-crisis situations. After a work of operationalization, we apply these criteria in a comparative way to exploratory case studies of emerging actions in four countries known for their management of the first wave of the pandemic: South Korea, Taiwan, China, Germany. In addition, by comparing the SI with the concept of individual resilience, this research also contributes to fill the gap in the literature on the SI in crisis situations by discussing the transformative potential of actions undertaken in this type of context.
JEL Codes: O350

  • Covid-19
  • Transformative Social Innovation
  • Crisis Management
  • Post-pandemic Management
  • Transformative Potential
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