Swift trust and temporary groups: An exploratory study in consulting firms


This paper questions the swift trust, a form of trust still little studied and yet very current. Indeed, the context of temporary teams, which brings together actors without a common relational history and without guarantee of being able to build one, does not offer the conditions of stability conducive to the development of personal trust. This is problematic because trust is viewed as essential for cooperative dynamics. Our aim is twofold. First, we seek to understand what are organizational mechanisms producing this depersonalized trust. Second, we seek to clarify its reality and uses from an empirical point of view. We rely on an exploratory study conducted in three consulting firms, as another ideal-type of temporary teams. Our results make it possible to better define the reality of this swift trust as well as organizational mechanisms that support it. To conclude, we examine the articulation of swift trust and personal trust.
JEL Codes: M5, M12

  • Swift Trust
  • Personal Trust
  • Temporary Teams
  • Consulting Firms
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