Piloting open innovation: Which kind of leadership?


Innovation has become a sustainability factor common to all organizations. But its cost and growing complexity favor the initiation of inter-organizational collaborations. Thus, innovation is no longer a closed model, but an open model. In this paper, we focus on leadership in organizations conducting open innovation projects, particularly in the Coupled form. We seek to understand whether the attributes of the leader and the characteristics of his or her leadership would change depending on the nature of the organization, its size and its field? We develop a theoretical grid and observe the characteristics of leadership in a sample of two organizations of different sizes, one public and the other private, in two different fields (banking and automotive), and using open innovation model in the Coupled form. The interpretation of the results will allow us to answer the problematic and to formulate recommendations.
JEL Code: O3

  • Open Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Coupled
  • Collaboration
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