Transforming French health system by local innovation: How to ensure the replicability of an innovative project?

By Igor Giusti, Frédéric Kletz, Jean-Claude Sardas, Xavier Pieri, Marie-Hélène Pietri-Zani

Paradoxical dynamics are identified from the environment of an organization: on the one hand, it is considered as determining in the imagination of innovative solutions, on the other hand it is a source of mimetism between organizations. Nowadays, French public authorities wish to give more initiatives to the local actors in the emergence of innovative care, but will these actors be able to innovate in this particularly regulated context? And if so, what is the dissemination potential of these innovations born in local places? We answer these questions by a case study resulting from an intervention research carried out on an innovative project (article 51 of the LFSS 2018). Thanks to an approach of organizations design and dynamics, we specify the nature of the innovative practices and how they emerge in a constrained environment. Then we propose variables of interest to study the replicability of an innovative project.
JEL Code: O36

  • Local Innovation
  • Territory
  • Public Action
  • Ecosystem
  • Healthcare Access
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