Short food supply chains, relocalization and social change: The example of a farmers’ market in the Drôme department (France)

By Matthieu Duboys De Labarre, Jean-Loup Lecoeur

This article aims at analyzing short food supply chains through the prism of social innovation. It is based on a case study (organic farmers’ market) carried out under the Strenght2Food program. Its methodology combines qualitative (semi directive interviews and observations) and quantitative approach (survey). By extending the tracks opened by the literature, we question the articulation between agriculture, food and social innovation. We use the concept of delocalization developed by Anthony Giddens to interpret the context in which the experience of producers and consumers is embedded. We first retrace the history of this initiative. Then we describe the specificities of this market’s actors. We then characterize its innovative nature. Finally, we come back to the potential of social transformation of which it would be a carrier.
JEL Codes: O35, Q12, D91

  • Innovation
  • Short Food Supply Chains
  • Farmers’ Market
  • Reembedding
  • Reflexivity
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