Digitalization of agri-food SME’s: Towards an evolution of Business Models and innovation processes

By Sophie Reboud, Sonia Lequin, Corinne Tanguy

In this paper we aim at understanding how the digitalisation of the economy affects Business Models in SMEs in the food industry. We have sought to understand what the characteristics and skills of innovation implemented in this context are, assuming that not all SMEs will adapt to these changes in the same way. Our results suggest that while SMEs all develop a wide range of innovations, the form these transformations take depends largely on the category of firm, its absorptive capacity and its perception of how radical the leap forward should be. This research provides elements for understanding the diversity of Business Model innovations implemented by SMEs in a low-tech sector.
JEL Codes: L20, M2, O3

  • Digital Transition
  • Innovation
  • Business Model
  • Competencies
  • Taxonomy
  • SMEs
  • Agri-Food Industry
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