Effects of innovation climate, leadership support to innovation and mediating role of psychological well-being at work: What effects on innovative behaviors at work?

By Merielly Dornelas Muzi, Eric Dose, Pascale Desrumaux

This study aims at examining the extent to which innovative behaviors at work (IBW) are linked to resources such as innovation climate in the work team and support innovation leader. Drawing on the eudemonic theory of well-being based on the idea of optimal functioning, we look at whether well-being at work (PWBW) acts as a specific mediator on the one hand, between innovation climate in the work team (IV 1) and on the other hand support innovation leader (IV 2) and IBW (DV). 100 workers from two major companies in the French banking sector completed a questionnaire. Correlations show significant relations ships between all the variables. Based on mediation analyzes (Hayes, Preacher, 2014), PWBW mediates the effect of the innovation climate in the team and the effect of the leader’s support on IBW.
JEL Codes: O32

  • Innovative Behavior at Work
  • Innovation Climate in the Work Team
  • Support Innovation Leader
  • Psychological Well-being at Work
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