Innovation with the patient: A renewal by organizational design

By Frédéric Kletz, Olivier Marcellin

In a context of profound transformations and innovations in the health system organization, the issue of the patient’s place is becoming more and more central. A great deal of work has been done on this issue, but very little research on the organizational conditions for integrating patients into the construction of innovative solutions. However, new approaches are beginning to emerge, particularly around the notion of the living lab. The article focuses, through the analysis of the theoretical foundations of patient involvement and a case study, supplemented by insights from other experiments, on how the invention of an organization that draws on patients’ experiential knowledge can lead to the emergence of innovative scenarios for the health system and for communities in charge of implementing health programs in the territories. JEL Codes: I, O3

  • Patient Participation
  • Users Communities
  • Living Lab
  • Territory
  • Experiential Knowledge
  • Empowerment
  • Co-Design
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