The Innovation Award: Capacity of the operators and reception of programs to combat a sedentary lifestyle

By Marina Honta, Frédéric Illivi

The territorial officers of the administration of the Ministry of Sports and Health are responsible for implementing the plan “Sport, Health, Well-being”. Targeting those who are remote from practice and patients with long-term conditions, these professionals need to mobilize local actors to promote new services to meet unmet health needs in this area. The results from the survey conducted in a French region by means of semi-structured interviews (87) carried out with the actors involved in the deployment of this public health plan show that this enterprise of innovating is by no means obvious. If the agreement on the aims, the local and partnership anchoring of the projects developed and the existence of innovative rules are essential, the institutionalization of the innovation also requires providers to manage the costs that it makes emerge. JEL Codes: I18

  • Social Innovation
  • Fight against the Physical Inactivity
  • State
  • Capacities of Territories
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