Business model of equity crowdfunding in france in 2016: An overview

By Laurence Attuel-Mendes, Mihaela Bonescu, Silsa Raymond

In the aftermath of economic crisis, a new funding actor took off, crowdfunding. Without competing with traditional finance, it is positioning itself as a complement to corporate financing. By partnering with investment professionals, this sector shows that it is evolving. In a new and innovative field, it is interesting to deepen the model of equity crowdfunding platforms in order to determine whether some are different from the classical model and to what extent they can contribute to the momentum of the financing of the economy. To do this, the model of Osterwalder and Pigneur was chosen in order to carry out a competitive analysis of the French equity crowdfunding platforms. The platforms are characterized mainly by their national anchoring and the general nature of the activities financed. They present the same elements of attractiveness for entrepreneurs (governance and accompaniment) and investors (entry ticket and return). JEL Codes: G23, G24, M13, M31, O16


  • equity crowdfunding
  • business model
  • crowdfunding
  • competition analysis
  • positioning
  • brand
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