Creativity under gender influence: How the gender variable impacts team creativity in organizations

By Guy Parmentier, Séverine Le Loarne-Lemaire

The literature on creativity praises the positive impact of diversity among creative teams but undermined the real study on how organizations judge creative ideas that emerge from a team, based on its gender composition. Therefore, this paper questions the impact of team composition in terms of gender on the judgment of the creative ideas it developed. Based on two experimental studies that have respectively been implemented on 99 professionals and 463 first year students of a master program in management sciences, results confirm existing research according to which there is no gender difference in terms of creative agility. We also show that women and men evaluate creative ideas differently and there is no glass ceiling effect of ideas that have been proposed by women but creative ideas that emerge from mixed groups have more negatively judged by the organization than ideas that have been respectively proposed by male or female dominated teams. JEL Codes: M14


  • group creativity
  • diversity
  • gender
  • organizations
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