Entrepreneurship and innovation within territories: The case of women social entrepreneurs in neighborhoods

By Amélie Notais, Julie Tixier

This article asks the extent to which women in neighborhoods are building an innovative model of entrepreneurship. It is part of the study of a social experimentation aimed at training women in social entrepreneurship in the heart of La Courneuve (Seine Saint-Denis, France). It portrays entrepreneurship in its “plural and mixed” diversity (Germain, 2017). The qualitative methodology is mainly based on the narratives of women entrepreneurs. It is a singular conception of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and the involvement of stakeholders, that these women offer. This reflection leads to multiple figures of entrepreneurship. Each of them undertakes the territory for a better living together. They engage citizens and innovate socially. JEL Codes: M


  • social entrepreneurship
  • women entrepreneurship
  • deprived areas
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