The Role of Information and Communication Technology in the Dynamic of an Innovation Network: An ANT Approach

By Chantal Fuhrer, Émilie Hoareau, Alain Cucchi

The aim of this study is to better understand the dynamic of an innovation network and particularly the role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in this dynamic. An Actor-Network Theory (ANT) approach is applied. Our investigation field, QualiREG, is an innovation network which gathers actors of many territories in the Indian Ocean. The analysis, based on the discourses of actors, show different contributions of ICT all along the cycle : when Information Technology (IT) and face to face allow exploration of the environment, Communication Technology (CT) activates the ties between innovators. More research is needed before the results of this case study can be generalized. Nevertheless, it provides a complementary approach to the debate on the links between innovation and technology.JEL Codes: M, O


  • Actor-Network Theory
  • innovation network
  • TIC
  • information systems
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