Short Food Supply Chains: The Diversity of Innovation Trajectories

By Ludovic Vaillant, Amélie Gonçalves, Gwenaëlle Raton, Corinne Blanquart

Involved in tackling climate change, short food supply chains (SFSCs) are seeking improvements in their logistic plans. Actually, farmers are increasingly entering into innovation processes. But their contribution to greenhouse gas emissions reduction remains controversial. Based on the assumption of a variety in innovation trajectories, the present paper aims to state their forms and emergence processes and then, wonders about their environmental sustainability. It appears, from a 2013/2015 survey in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, that innovation in the logistics of SFSC has significant organizational and social dimensions that are ripe for sustainable development. That outcome should encourage public authorities to support the development of SFSCs by boosting links among SFSCs actors and to develop knowledge intensive services in logistic solutions design.JEL Codes: O310, O330, O350, Q130


  • short food supply chains
  • logistics
  • transportation
  • innovation
  • sustainability
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