Knowledge intermediation: Moving from a state of knowing to a state of doing in agroecological transitions

By Allison Loconto

Knowledge intermediation is introduced in this article in order to contribute to current debates over the types of knowledge that are necessary in socio-technical transitions. Between 2013 and 2021 a participatory research process was carried out with 25 initiatives that know how to make their agrifood systems more sustainable. By mobilizing two of these empirical cases – an interactive innovation in Tanzania and a “campesino-a-campesino” approach in Chile – we explore the coproduction of new knowledge among actors and researchers in specific situations. In these situations, four types knowledge that catalyze changes in practices and actor roles shed light on intermediation as a process. The analysis suggests that it is this process that enables the prioritization and valuing activities that facilitate sociotechnical transitions.
JEL Codes: O33, O35, N56, N57.

  • Intermediation
  • Knowledge
  • Transitions
  • Interactive Innovation.
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