Fintech survival: A micro-foundation analysis of dynamic capabilities

By Jean Moussavou

While fintech startups are recognized today as the main driving force behind innovation in the banking and financial sector, the challenges of survival are important for these new entrants whose vocation is to combine digital technologies and finance. How do fintechs develop capacities to adapt and maintain themselves in the market? The article explores the survival modalities of fintechs through the micro-foundations of dynamic capabilities (DCs). A collection of primary and secondary data is organized for triangulation. The data are analyzed through the Gioia methodology. The results highlight five micro-foundations that enable fintechs to ensure sustainable competitiveness. The article contributes to the literature on the micro-foundations of DCs and their operational implications. It also provides indications on the innovation processes to be developed within fintechs in order to survive.
JEL Codes: M13, O32, O36

  • FinTech
  • Innovation
  • Dynamic Capabilities
  • Micro-foundations of Dynamic Capabilities
  • Startups Survival
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