When the dynamic capacity of a business ecosystem become a trigger to collaborative innovation: The singularity of the textile ecosystem in Morocco

By Nabil El Hilali, Fatiha Naoui-Outini, Gwenaëlle Oruezabala

This article argues that value creation is not only linked to the product and process innovation of members of a business ecosystem, federated around innovative projects, but also to the ecosystem innovation generated. Based on the theoretical foundations of business models and more specifically on the dynamic capabilities, an analysis was driven on what acts as facilitators and constraints about innovation in this business ecosytem. Through qualitative approach conducted on the Moroccan ecosystem which have developed organizational processes to adapt to global competition in the textile industry. Our findings highlight the strategic role played by the ecosystem as an innovation catalyst and demonstrate that a collectively generated innovation can be valued individually in entrepreneurial business models. In addition, our results frames a typology of constraints regarding innovation. JEL Codes: L14, O32

  • Business Ecosystem
  • Dynamic Capabilities
  • Collaborative Innovation
  • Moroccan Textile Industry SMEs
  • Focus Group.
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