Governance process and change management: The case of the Alzheimer’s Québec Plan Implementation

By Maxime Guillette, Yves Couturier, Olivier Moreau, Dominique Gagnon, Howard Bergman, Isabelle Vedel

Scientific literature shows that the implementation of policies aimed at changing the system is frequently slowed down by centralization of the governance and lack of support in change management. In this paper, we analysis the implementation process of the experimental phase of the Québec Alzheimer Plan, characterized by decentralization of responsibilities to local actors and an extensive change management system. The analysis is based on eight semi-directed interviews with actors who played a role in the implementation process at the national and regional level, and 15 focus group interviews with local actors. The results of our study show more specifically the importance of the complementarity between the different levels of governance and the importance of implementing change management strategies from the beginning of the innovation design, to promote balance between adaptation of change to local realities and respect of the fundamental principles guiding the public policy. JEL Codes: I80

  • Health Innovations
  • Governance
  • Change Management
  • Institutional Change Process
  • Institutional Work
  • Primary Care
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