What are the geographic delineations of a technological innovation system? An analysis of carmakers’ fuel cell vehicle co-patents’ portfolios

By Vincent Frigant, Stéphane Miollan, Maëlise Presse, David Virapin

This paper wishes to contribute to the Technological Innovation System (TIS) literature. More precisely, we study the geographic delineation issue of a focal TIS. In a first part, we explain why co-patents are a good tool for mapping a TIS. Then considering the Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) as a focal TIS, we analyse 10 carmakers’ co-patent networks in FCV technologies between 2000 and 2013. Our database includes 3,250 co-patents. The results show: 1) the nationalization index is rather strong for 5 carmakers, and weak for 3 others; 2) carmakers call upon different kinds of partners, located, moreover, in different places. The final section learns the lessons from the empirical study. JEL Codes: O31, O33, L62

  • Technological Innovation System
  • TIS
  • fuel cell vehicle
  • geography of innovation
  • co-patent
  • automobile
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