Mobilizing the collective intelligence of teams at work: A lever for agile innovation to transform organizations in a sustainable way

By Olfa Gréselle-Zaïbet

This paper proposes a framework for understanding collective intelligence, a managerial practice that is increasingly developing as a new lever of agile innovation to transform organizations in a sustainable way. After defining collective intelligence, its characteristics will be presented through the study of two temporary teams and its articulation with agile innovation in a perspective of sustainable organizational change. They also show show that collective intelligence is plural and manifests itself differently according to the projects carried out and the teams observed. That it is an emergent phenomenon that requires the setting up of specific conditions that are favorable to it. Finally, its emergence is seen as a process of conception and not just of regulation of collective action. JEL CODES: J2, O32

  • collective intelligence
  • interactions
  • agile innovation
  • organizational change
  • sensemaking
  • temporary organization
  • organizational agility
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