Inquiry, the logic of experts sollicitation exploration projects: Analysis of two expeditions in extreme environments

By Jean-Philippe Bootz, Pascal Lièvre, Eric Schenk

In this work, we address following question: can one formalize the process of expert solicitation in exploration projects with a high degree of uncertainty? We first establish the theoretical framework for the mobilization of experts. Then, we analyse the sollicitation of experts in an exploration context on the basis of two case studies, with the framework of the Deweyian inquiry (Dewey, 1938/1993). This leads us to propose a new perspective on project managers’ competences: relational competences and the ability to process informations and weak signals that emerge during the project are essential for the outcome of the inquiry. JEL Codes: D83, O3

  • Experts
  • Exploration Project
  • Uncertainty
  • Relational Skills
  • Information
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