Appropriation of Technologies and Sustainability: The Example of Precision Viticulture

By Leslie Moreiro

The aim of this article is to understand how the appropriation of technologies facilitates the development of ways of acting and mobilizing resources useful to the firm’s environmental approach. In this view, technology is defined through the concept of an instrument composed of a scheme and an artifact providing resources. Appropriation is studied as an instrumentalization process or artifact evolution and instrumentation or scheme evolution. This article is based on a qualitative methodology of cross cases analysis about the use of precision viticulture technologies. These cases show that the appropriation of these technologies provides scheme and resources mobilized in sustainable agriculture. This can be studied in the two mains tasks where precision viticulture technologies can be used and which have an interest in terms of sustainable agriculture: a task of characterization of heterogeneity and a task of modulation of technical itineraries.JEL Codes: O3, Q1, Y8


  • technology
  • instrument
  • appropriation
  • precision
  • viticulture
  • sustainable development
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