Networking Innovative Entrepreneurs: How to Promote Innovation at Metropolitan Level?

By Charles-Edouard Houllier-Guibert, Raphaël Suire, Hélène Bailleul

In the context of the knowledge-based economy, social and economic networks are now considered as a strong determinant of regional development and competitiveness. Few academic works have studied deeply how public actor can act as an intermediary by knitting these so-called networks. We here propose a framework based on creative city theory in order to read how three different local policies can support and help innovative or digital actors and entrepreneurs. Based on third-place, Platform or living-lab and finally label, we raise the issue of public legitimacy and efficiency in terms of long-term creativity and economic innovation sustainability. By the way, we address the issue of the feasibility of public management of network nascent entrepreneurs.


  • third-place
  • entrepreneurship
  • digital
  • territory
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