Between Intellectual Training and Professional Practice or the Training of Civil Engineers according to Henri Fayol

By Luc Rojas

The institutionalization of engineer’s training is a process which accompanied industrialization in the 19th?century. Traditionally, two conceptions are opposed in this universe: shop culture and school culture. The engineers were quickly constrained to choose. In parallel with his analysis of companies’ administration, H.?Fayol developed a way of thinking the training of engineers. This thinking is built both on his personal experience and his industrial career. He proposed a model of training binding shop and School. In this model, he redefined the engineer’s role by preaching the integration of general knowledge in their training. Fayol proposed a form of training closer to the needs of the industrial word.JEL Codes: B31


  • fayolism
  • training
  • engineers
  • industrial experience
  • organization
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