An Evolutive Scientific Culture: Evolution of the Missions and Stakes of a Center for Scientific, Technical and Industrial Culture – Terre des Sciences – Angers (France) From 1992 Until Today

By Benjamin Buisson

At the turn of the 1980s, in France, the dissemination of scientific knowledge has been institutionalized in specialized organizations called Centers for Scientific, Technical and Industrial Culture. Angers’ Center, created in 1992, endorses a practice that is both traditional and innovative. It takes on a flexible and original approach to “scientific culture”. It also adapts to major issues such as territorial development and innovation, taking a leading part in promoting a local identity. It progressively reshapes its approach to innovation, and makes it an integral part of its very activity. At the same time, the Center falls within a more general evolution of the relationship between scientists and non-scientists. Along with the elevation of French population’s level of education, the relation between science and society becomes more critical, sometimes even controversial.JEL Codes: O30


  • scientific and technical culture
  • innovation
  • history
  • territory
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