The Involvement of Researchers in the Climate Change Adaptation Process: The Case of French Wine Clusters

By James Boyer

This article analyzes the involvement of researchers to improve the wine producer’s capacity to adapt to climate change. The notion of “involvement” is related to the researchers’ investment in both the knowledge production on climate change and the social networks which are connecting them to wine producers. A survey was conducted among 94 researchers and engineers in three wine regions (Languedoc, Aquitaine and Champagne). The researchers’ involvement in Climate Change adaptation is influenced by their research field, their regional location and their organizational affiliation. However, personal characteristics do not influence this involvement. Statistical analysis suggests a duality between the involvement of R&D actors in the production of knowledge on climate change and its ability to build relationships with business leaders. Finally, this paper highlights the Sectoral System of Innovation approach as a relevant framework for climate change adaptation studies.JEL Codes: O32, Q16, Q54


  • climate change
  • adaptation
  • sectoral system of innovation
  • research
  • wine industry
  • capacity
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