The Emergence of a Sustainable Innovation Strategy in Very Small Businesses: The Experience of a Small Wine Cellar Coorperative

By Valérie Ceccaldi

Meticulous examination of how strategies are developed in Very Small Businesses makes it possible to understand the principle of “innovation”. Its centralized manner of operating effectively obliges us to take into account the thoughts, visions and role of the entrepreneur in each phase of its construction. In the last three decades the business environment has been unstable, requiring considerable managerial flexibility just to survive. Although the strategic path seems to follow a predefined plan, how it is achieved is surprising because of the importance given to initiatives and acts of learning. In these circumstances, is it possible for innovation to be sustainable? The answer depends on the project envisaged by the director and his motivation to bring dynamism to the virtuous framework in which it is achieved.JEL Codes: M190


  • strategy
  • innovation
  • sustainability
  • very small business
  • entrepreneurship
  • learning
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