The “Augmented Market” of the Energy, Transport and Digital Industries

By Jonathan Bainée, Richard Le Goff

This article focuses on the contemporary permeability between the energy, transport and « digital » industries, formerly organized in silos. It echoes the literature on connected products, Internet of things and “big data”. The specificity of this paper is to propose an original interpretation in terms of “augmented market strategy”. The latter refers to a strategy of expanding the boundaries of a market through the networking of industries that mobilize concomitantly a same intangible (knowledge, information, etc.) or physical (infrastructure, technology, etc.) basis, at various levels of the value chain. The aim of this paper is twofold. On the one hand, it aims to contribute to the exploratory analysis of such strategies, to characterize them, to identify their key determinants and to illustrate their contemporary forms. On the other hand, we seek to evaluate the theoretical scope of our concepts and to position them in the field of industrial convergence.JEL Codes: L11, L16, L22, L25, L62, L90


  • intersectoral innovation
  • applied economics
  • interindustrial linkages
  • strategic investment decisions
  • automobile industry
  • connected objects
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