Knowledge Transfer in the Case of a Joint-Venture: An Approach of Determining Factors Based on an Interactive Logic

By Abdenasser Maaref

Many North-South joint-ventures today are primarily initiated with the aim of obtaining greater competitive advantages and of improving performance. Nevertheless, knowledge transfer in North-South joint-ventures is not a well-known phenomenon. This research, based on a case study methodology and focusing on joint-ventures in Tunisia, proposes to explore knowledge transfer in the context of a joint-venture network (parent firms and the joint-venture) with an interactive approach. The research shows that knowledge transfer in this context is affected by both parent companies and the joint-venture. The informal relationship between managers in this network is a facilitating factor for knowledge transfer. The findings concern the determinants and facilitating factors that affect knowledge transfer from foreign parent to joint-venture, local parent to joint-venture, and from joint-venture to parents.JEL Codes : M160


  • knowledge transfer
  • joint-venture
  • performances
  • mutual confidence
  • strategic compatibility
  • negotiation power
  • information relations between managers
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