Service Innovation: A Solution to Reduce Hospital Energy Consumption?

By Charlotte Fourcroy

In the current context of energy transition and tightening environmental regulations, hospitals are increasingly concerned about energy demand management. Various technological innovations are already being implemented, such as the construction of new energy-efficient buildings, or the installation of efficient heating systems such as condensing boilers. However, other changes taking place in the sector are also likely to strongly influence the amount of energy consumption. These services or organizational innovations are rarely taken into account in the discussions on the evolution of energy consumption. These are the innovations that we seek to identify in this paper. To this end, we conducted semi-structured interviews with over 15 hospital directors and senior leaders of the ARS (Agence Regionale de Santé, Regional Agency for Health) in France.JEL Codes : L89


  • hospital sector
  • services
  • innovation
  • service innovations
  • energy consumption
  • environment
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