Different Entrepreneurial Approaches in Open Innovation Spaces

By Ignasi Capdevila

Creativity has a strong social component, and the capture of distributed collective creativity plays an important role in the innovative process of organizations. In recent years, many open innovation spaces have been created under different names : fab labs, hackerspaces, makerspaces, coworking spaces, and living labs to name a few. While all of these spaces are based on openness, collaboration, and knowledge sharing, they differ in some aspects of their entrepreneurial approach. This article proposes a classification of different spaces according to 1) their focus on the exploration of new ideas or exploitation of innovations for commercial purposes, and 2) the mode of governance of the space : whether it is “top-down” or “bottom up.” It also examines the implications of the complementarity of different spaces and of the development of the creative capacity of the individuals and organizations that use these spaces.JEL Codes : O31, L26


  • open innovation spaces
  • fab labs
  • hackerspaces
  • coworking spaces
  • living labs
  • top-down
  • bottom-up
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