“Entreprendre” in the Social Economy: Between Control and Creativity?

By Sophie Raedersdorf

A study of different organizations in the social and solidarity economy emphasizes that the tools for measuring performance used in this sector are evolutionary in nature. In a changing environment, structures in this economy are characterized by the need for innovation, strong social and solidarity values, and financial stability. This article examines the connection between the expression of creativity in the tools for measuring performance and innovation in the sector. The study of the impact of management tools on organizational identity in the context of the Apprentis d’Auteuil case highlights that the dynamic of continuous improvement could facilitate the creative capacity of the whole organization. Because innovation is necessary for continued competitivity, we also show how modifications can be made within organizations to facilitate creativity and innovation.JEL Codes : M40


  • social economy
  • social innovation
  • management tools
  • management control
  • creativity
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