Information and Communication Technologies, Sustainability, and Territorial Strategies of Sustainable Cities: The Case of Eco-Cities in France

By Amel Attour, Marc-Hubert Depret

This article deals with urban areas and the manner in which sustainable development (SD), information and communication technologies (ICT), and territorial strategies are combined at the local level. In the first part, it defines the notions of sustainability, sustainable city, and “green ICTs”, and integrates them into the historic and institutional contexts of contemporary urban areas. The second and third parts address the range of SD and digital policies instigated by a number French eco-cities, collectively known as “Sustainable City Action Plan” of November, 2009. It concludes with a fourth part that puts forward a typology of sustainable city projects on the basis of three criteria: technological choices, economic strategy, and territorial dimension of local public initiatives.


  • sustainable development
  • resilience
  • local territorial strategy
  • ICT
  • sustainable city
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