Cluster Policies and Digital Entrepreneurship in Ile-de-France and Lombardy

By Clément Pin

This article proposes an empirical study of the logics of territoriality and regionalization of innovation conveyed through cluster policies conducted at different levels of power (Europe, states, regions), and/or through the mediation of networks of actors belonging to different institutional fields (public, private, and nonprofit sectors). By means of a comparison between Ile-de-France and Lombardy in the digital sector, this article suggests that cluster policies facilitate the emergence of new actors in innovation who are specifically charged with conducting the functions and new roles of intermediation for the development of entrepreneurship. It also highlights the idiosyncrasies of the implementation of policies that are nevertheless designed from similar principles.


  • local governance
  • region
  • innovation
  • cluster
  • entrepreneurship
  • intermediary actors
  • network
  • science-industry relationships
  • university
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