Individual Strategy, Vertical Cooperation or Coopetition Strategy: What is the Best Strategy for Product Innovation?

By Rhizlane Hamouti, Frank Robert, Frédéric Le Roy

This research aims to study the impact of individual strategies, vertical coopetition strategies, and cooperation strategies on product innovation. The empirical study focuses on the video game industry and, more particularly, on the strategies adopted by publishers to develop innovative products. This research is presented in the form of a mixed study: a qualitative review complemented by a quantitative study using a regression model PLS 2 (Partial Least Squares). The findings show 1) that the individual strategy has a positive impact on radical and incremental product innovation, 2) that vertical cooperation has a positive impact on incremental product innovation, and 3) that the coopetition strategy has appositive impact on radical product innovation.


  • singular strategy
  • vertical cooperation
  • coopetition
  • product innovation
  • video game
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