Are Crisis and War Related?

By Rémy Herrera

This article suggests that economic links exist between crisis and war. First, it insists on the necessity to give up the framework of the neoclassical mainstream in order to understand such an issue in its complexity. The second part deals with the origins of the current systemic crisis. The third part analyzes the timing of this crisis and wars in which the hegemonic power of the world system is involved. Then it examines, in a fourth part, the control exercised by high finance on the military sector, including the military-industrial complex and private military companies. In the final part, the effects of these links between crisis and war on the exacerbation of the current capitalist contradictions are studied.
JEL Codes: E32, E62, G38, H56, P12, P43


  • military sector
  • defence
  • war
  • crisis
  • finance
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