Military Spending in Emerging Countries: Between Boon and Threat

By Bérangère Rouppert, Luc Mampaey

Over the last decade, many observers have been concerned about the faster-paced growth in military spending of the six emerging economies commonly called “BRIICS” (Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, China, and South Africa). At the same time, these countries do not conceal their intention to develop their own defense technological and industrial base (DTIB). Indeed, their purpose is to reduce their dependence on foreign countries for their armaments and military technology acquisitions. Does this rise in military expenditure announce a new arms race? Is this a threat for Europe? Or is it just a windfall for new markets and partnerships for the European defense industry—which is currently affected by budgetary cuts due to the economic and financial crisis? This article establishes a comprehensive review of BRIICS militarization and examines the reasons behind this trend. Although this rearmament does not seem to be driven by bellicose plans toward the international community, it nevertheless raises concerns in terms of regional stability.
JEL Codes: F52, H56, O57


  • DTIB
  • European Union
  • military expenditure
  • armament
  • defense
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