The European Defense Industry: Institutional Changes and Coopetition Strategies of Firms

By Romuald Dupuy

During the 1990s, the US defense industry has been significantly restructured through the concentration of firms. The US government has organized the defense market in order to develop coopetition strategies between companies. In Europe, the phenomenon of restructuring has been initiated and is ongoing. In this paper, we show that while coopetition is also observed between European firms, it does require institutional changes. Increasingly, States transfer technical and technological skills to firms and open their national procurement markets. These changes are made by the States, but are also induced by changes at the European level.
JEL Codes: F23, L20, L64, O32


  • European defense industry
  • institutional change
  • defense industrial and technological base
  • firms’ strategies
  • co-opetition
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