The Nonexistence of Luxury as a Unified and Well-Defined Category: French Hotel Rankings

By Marc Deschamps

In France, luxury has a significant economic weight, in particular regarding added value and employment, and it is thus the object of close attention from public authorities. The French General Assemblies of Industry (Etats généraux de l’Industrie) have created a strategic committee specifically dedicated to the analysis of this industry. However, behind the apparent simplicity of the word “luxury” is a surprising complexity. The aim of this article is to demonstrate that luxury is not a limited and unified category, mainly because it hides a multiplicity of logics. In order to demonstrate this, the article presents the recent reform of hotel rankings in France and in particular the discontinuity of the “palace” category.
JEL Codes: K10, L15, L83


  • luxury
  • singularities economics
  • industrial policy
  • palace
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