The Emergence of the Expert Patient: An Innovative Disturbance

By Fabienne Boudier, Faouzi Bensebaa, Adrienne Jablanczy

This article looks at the changes in the doctor-patient relationship as a result of the emergence of expert-patients. The exploration of this behavioral innovation leads to two major propositions: the definition of the expert-patient on the basis of the asymmetry of knowledge (instead of asymmetry of information), and the formalization and the conceptualization of a new emerging relationship between doctors and expert-patients. This research paves the road for several research perspectives: the resulting organizational innovations; the implications for the management of the health system; the implementation modes to get a dialogue going between the different players; and the methodologies which could be used to develop empirical research, which is rare in this field.
JEL Codes: D83, I18, O31


  • innovation
  • doctor
  • patient
  • expert patient
  • health system
  • ICT
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