The Sustainable Systems of Work: A Neglected but Essential Component of Sustainable Development

By Giusto Barisi

In the enterprise, a sustainable system of work reproduces and develops all the resources or components it uses. During the last decade in France, the attention of the government, the media, and managers was mainly focused on the policies, regulations, and certifications meant to preserve the environment and to rebuild an ecological equilibrium. In large enterprises, the strategies of natural resources preservation have evolved and have been integrated into the firm’s strategy at different levels (no integration, poly-functional policies, integration within general policies, and corporate social responsibility). However, the prevention of professional risk, while being a major aspect of these policies, has not been a priority. Only in 2009 and thanks to the acknowledgement of the damages caused by the neglect of psychosocial risks did a major debate develop at the national level. However, this has yet to produce concrete answers. JEL codes: K31, J01, J81


  • sustainable systems of work
  • professional risks
  • psychosocial risk
  • corporate social responsibility
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